Kyoto bans tourists from taking photos of geishas

Two maiko geisha
The city's most geisha-filled area has had enough of naughty foreigners. Photo credit: Getty Images

One of the most photographed tourist attractions in Kyoto is now off limits to visitors.

Local authorities have banned photography within the city's Gion district, known for its small alleyways, teahouses and geishas.

An association made up of local residents said the ban is due to increasing levels of disrespect and rudeness displayed by visitors.

Tourists taking photos where doing so is impolite has apparently gotten out of hand and there have even been instances where tourists have entered private property - including people's homes - without permission, just to get Instagram content.

NHK reports that some geisha have also been chased down the street by foreign tourists.

The ban came into effect on October 25 and anyone caught breaking it will be fined 10,000 yen (NZ$145).

In 2017, Kyoto tourism authorities released a series of guides for visitors covering issues such as meal etiquette, toilet cleanliness and tipping, which is considered by many as an insult.