Map reveals world's weirdest tourism slogans

A map displaying the tourism slogans for nearly every country on the planet has been published online.
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A map displaying the tourism slogans for nearly every country on the planet has been published online, with some of them posing some serious questions about what on earth they mean.

The Every Country's Tourism Slogan map was created by this month and has become a viral hit with thousands of upvotes on Reddit.

Among the slogans are simple ones such as 'No Stress' in Cape Verde, through to over-the-top ones like 'Honduras, Everything is Here', and 'Happiest Place on Earth!' from Denmark.

Frequent viewers of international news or documentary channels will be familiar with these two slogans: 'Incredible India' and 'Malaysia, Truly Asia'. These themes have become synonymous with their destinations.

Then there's a handful that sound like they're advertising anything but a holiday destination, such as Latvia's 'Best Enjoyed Slowly' and 'Being First has its Rewards' from East Timor. 

Map showing travel slogans from countries around the world.
Some are 100% weird compared to our '100% Pure'. Photo credit:

And then, there is the truly bizarre.

The five weirdest country tourism slogans:

  • Colombia is Magical Realism
  • Iraq, The other Iraq
  • Think Hungary - More Than Expected
  • China Like Never Before
  • El Salvador: The 45 Minute Country

Some slogans are all about precision and getting to the point as soon as possible, including: 'Jordan, Yes it's Jordan', and 'Travel in Slovakia - Good Idea'.

Then there are the ones you can just tell were thought up by a team of advertising executives keen to be 'hip' and 'down with the kids', including Slovenia's 'I Feel sLOVEnia' and the fast-aging 'Find your #Epic' from Wales.

Taking into consideration the history and political environments, some of the slogans could almost be considered false advertising. Uganda's 'You're Welcome', which should come with a disclaimer excluding anyone who is a member of the LGBTIQ community, who can be imprisoned for life or maybe even murdered.

Syria's is questionably 'Always Beautiful', while Iran claims that 'You are Invited'. Well, that's only so long as you abide with their laws which include same-sex relationships and adultery being punishable by death, public flogging for 'offences' like drinking alcohol or engaging in extramarital sex.

On a brighter note, there are a few that are really good and feel appropriate. Jamaica's is 'Get All Right', while the classy one from Oman is: 'Beauty has an Address'.