Plane crashes into ski lift in Italian Alps

Tecnam P92 aircraft crashes into ski lift  at the Prato Valentino ski resort at Teglio, Italy.
Survivors of the crash have been described as "very lucky". Photo credit: CNAS

Dramatic footage and photos have captured the aftermath of a light plane crash at a ski resort in Italy. 

Incredibly, the only passenger escaped unharmed, while the pilot was hospitalised with "light injuries".

The Tecnam P92 aircraft was left dangling upside down after getting entangled in the cables of a ski lift, which was not operating at the time.

Italian civil protection body the Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino Speleologico (CNSAS) uploaded rescue images to its Facebook page on Sunday (local time).

Shocking photo of light plane crashed into ski lift in Italian Alps.
The pilot was reportedly thrown from the aircraft, while the passenger was rescued from its wreckage. Photo credit: CNAS

"[The pilot and passenger] were both very lucky, really. If the plane had crashed into the ground, the ending could have been very different," spokesperson Walter Milan told The Sun.

"It was a complicated rescue operation involving many services, but ultimately it was successful, which was the main thing."

The incident took place at the Prato Valentino ski resort at Teglio, north of Milan, in the Italian Alps.

The cause of the crash is being investigated.