UFO enthusiasts travel to Thailand's Nakhon Sawan for 'Buddhist aliens'

Human tourists are flocking to a city in Thailand hoping to catch a glimpse of extraterrestrial tourists, according to CNN.

Some UFO enthusiasts believe aliens regularly travel to Nakhon Sawan, a few hours travel north of Bangkok, where they are said to communicate with a group of locals.

The believers reckon inhabitants of two alleged planets - Pluto and Lokukatapakadikong (Loku for short) - travel via a Stargate-style portal in a crocodile-infested lake to hang out in the area.

The aliens are believed to hover above a Buddha statue, stroll around in the local sugarcane fields, chat telepathically with their Earthling buddies and impart Buddhist teachings.

The local believers have started putting information online, including launching the UFO Kaokala Facebook group and publishing footage on YouTube they say is of extraterrestrial tourists.

In addition to the CNN report on the UFO Kaokala group, Vice also recently visited Nakhon Sawan for an investigative report.

Travellers wanting to communicate with the aliens themselves are apparently invited to by the group, which says the telepathy will occur in your own language if you meditate on Khao Kala hill.

However, a disclaimer has been offered, saying the aliens are "unpredictable" and often won't make themselves known when human tourists are there to see and chat with them.