US flight delayed after drunk passenger vomits in woman's hair

US flight delayed after drunk passenger vomits in woman's hair
Photo credit: Getty

A US woman has received the worst start to her day after a drunk passenger on her plane vomited in her hair shortly before takeoff.

Another passenger on the 8am flight from Chicago to Baltimore earlier this week captured the immediate aftermath.

Cassidy Smith's tweets show a flight attendant wearing rubber gloves cleaning the sick out of the victim's hair while other horrified passengers look on.

Smith said the man who vomited was severely intoxicated and was escorted off the plane.

Then everyone else was asked to deplane so the plane could be deep-cleaned. The victim used this time to do a deep-clean of her own, washing her hair in a restroom with the help of an attendant before returning to the plane.

"All fresh and so clean after she washes her hair in the bathroom sink," Smith tweeted. "She handled this like an absolute champ!" 

But that wasn't the end of the flight's alcohol-related woes.

"We actually were taxiing out to finally take off when these two drunk idiots lock themselves in the back bathroom and flood the back of the plane," Smith tweeted.

The passengers were again forced to wait while the intoxicated passengers responsible were kicked off.