Video: Pilot father lands broken plane with his entire family onboard

The children appear oblivious, despite coming so close to tragedy.
The children appear oblivious, despite coming so close to tragedy. Photo credit: YouTube/FamilyPilot

A travelling family has shared a video of their flight that could have easily ended in disaster.

Devin Miller, a pilot who  known online as @FamilyPilot, was flying above the US state of Georgia with his wife and two children when the throttle of his aircraft broke in mid-air.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Miller can be seen in the video declaring an emergency with air traffic control, and informing them that his throttle is stuck on full power.

As his wife looks back at their children, the pilot asks for emergency services to be on standby as he approaches Meridian Regional Airport to attempt what is known as a 'power-off landing', which is when a pilot glides an aircraft towards a runway then switches the engine off to land.

As the aircraft touches down, there's a moment of calm disbelief as both husband and wife realise they've made it back safely. The children in the back are totally unaware of the danger they'd just survived.

Then, the video shows the moment emotion took over, with both Miller and his wife shedding tears in an emotional celebration.

A lot of deep breathing takes place before the video comes to an end, with Miller thanking the team at his flight training school as well as air traffic control staff who assisted him in bringing the aircraft down safely.

"I had the confidence right from the get go that I knew what to do and how to do it," he says in the video