Watch: Cruise ship Braemar squeezes through Corinth Canal in Greece with just centimetres to spare

Online video shows the captain of a cruise ship managing to squeeze the 24,000 tonne vessel through a canal that is only centimetres wider than the ship he was steering.

The cruise vessel, named Braemar, is 22m wide and the Corinth Canal it passed through is at its widest is just 2m wider than the ship.

The Braemar has become the largest ship ever to make the journey down the 6km canal, which was built in 1893.

Despite his every move being watched by the 900 passengers onboard and hundreds of media and locals on land and in the air, the captain managed to make it through with pinpoint precision.

The Braemar, owned by Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, made the pass as part of a 25 night cruise of the Greek Islands, and has been at sea since it left Southampton on September 27.

If the idea of being onboard the Braemar when it next makes a journey through the Corinth Canal is appealing, it will next make the journey in 2021.

But don't expect to be onboard for the tight squeeze with a tight budget - tickets start at nearly NZ$9000 per person.