Watch: Segway your way around Washington DC

There's a whole lot of history to be absorbed in Washington DC, so much so that time can be all that you don't have.

But with the growing popularity of segway tours in the US capital, visitors can visit some of the many buildings and monuments within a shorter period of time.

I was recently in Washington DC for work but wanted to squeeze in a bit of sightseeing while I was there.

I decided on doing the segway thing with a company called Bike and Roll DC.

Now, a fluoro jacket and helmet does no-one any favours, but you can trade off the small fashion indignity with the fact you are anonymous.

The two-hour tour starts with a safety briefing and 'driving' lesson before you are let out amongst the good people of the American capital.

Why would you?
Why would you? Photo credit: Darryn Inder/Newshub

It starts with the Smithsonian Institution building, popularly known as 'The Castle' and then heads along the Mall to the Capitol building.

I was lucky to have not only my guide Brian but two trainees, Courtney and Allie, to teach me some history as I at first wobbled and then sort-of glided along the footpath.

It was a beautiful summer evening and the light bounced off the Capitol before we headed onto the streets, past a Trump hotel and onto the White House. I am guessing this is not how the US President gets from hotel to home. 

It's a highlights tour and there isn't time to visit any of the 11 Smithsonian museums on the Mall.

Simon looking classy in the capital.
Simon looking classy in the capital. Photo credit: Darryn Inder/Newshub

But before we got on a roll, I did find time to visit the revamped International Spy Museum, America’s only museum dedicated to espionage. What better place than in Washington to have such a place.

It's a fully interactive display, where you create your own secret identity, go on a mission and learn how famous spies changed history.

Displays include secret radio listening devices and concealed guns and knives  - the whole real world range of gadgets you would expect to see in Get Smart and James Bond. And yes there is a James Bond Aston Martin on display as well.

The Aston Martin is a lot classier than my little segway, but you can't drive the Aston up to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial or past the Washington Monument.

Not an ordinary umbrella.
Not an ordinary umbrella. Photo credit: Darryn Inder/Newshub

My first visit to Washington DC was a real 'taster'. Next time I need to settle in for the main course. 

If you're planning to do the same, head to their tourism website which has more information on the segway tours and thousands of other things you can do in this city.

Simon Shepherd is the host of Newshub Nation on Three.