Watch: Traveller claims he travelled around the world in 80 hours

A self-confessed aviation and travel geek from the UK claims to have succeeded in his mission to travel completely around the globe in just 80 hours.

Noel Phillips was inspired by Jules Verne's iconic traveller Phileas Fogg, who travelled the world 80 days. Phillips decided to modernise the challenge and do it in 80 hours instead.

Starting his trip at the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, London - the spot which has historically been the world's timekeeper - Phillips began the challenge of making it back to the exact same spot just three-and-a-third days.

He said he had spent months hunting for business class bargains in order to make the trip more comfortable, and told media he achieved this on a budget of around NZ$7000.

He flew via Kuwait, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Singapore and Los Angeles before flying back into Heathrow over the Atlantic Ocean.

With the help of a motorbike taxi service from Heathrow, Phillips made it back to Greenwich with just six minutes to spare.

"I am a massive travel fan and love to take crazy trips to see just where you can get to in a short period of time," he said.

"I find it incredible that just 100 years ago it would have taken weeks to undertake a journey like this, yet today you can do it in just a single weekend."

Along the way he was nearly robbed and was also dragged out of a fake taxi by a security guard while in India.

"It was fantastic to get into my own bed," Phillps said after the long journey.

Caters News/Newshub.