Woman avoids overweight baggage fees by putting on all her clothes

woman wearing lots of clothes in airport
Rodriguez says she was surprised at the public's reaction to the hilarious photo. Photo credit: Facebook/ Gel Rodriguez.

We've all tried to squeeze a little more into our carry on luggage then is allowed, and more often than not, been caught out - especially if you're flying on a budget-conscious, shall-not-be-named airline. 

But one Filipino woman found a handy loophole when she was told her luggage was overweight, donning almost 3kg of clothing on her body to avoid extra charges. 

In a Facebook post earlier this month, Gel Rodriguez wrote that before catching a flight, airline staff informed her that her carry-on luggage weighed 9kg - exceeding their maximum weight of 7kg. 

Instead of paying a fee, Rodriguez quickly layered on an extra 2kg of clothing, putting on several pairs of pants,  shirts, jackets and long-sleeved tops.

The final result is an outfit that seems to be inspired by Friends' Joey Tribbiani when he decided to wear all of Chandler's clothes, an iconic moment. 

Rodriguez' post has since racked up more than 34,000 likes and 21,000 shares, which she told Vice was a surprise. 

"If I had known it would go viral, I would have posed better," she joked.

But while Rodriguez was able to avoid the extra fee, she said she probably wouldn't do it again.

"Maybe not," she said. "It was really hot. I don't recommend other people do it."

It's not the first time a traveller has subverted the system. Earlier this year a Scottish man made headlines when he put on 15 tops to avoid baggage fees, and last year a passenger was turned away from a British Airways flight for wearing all his clothes at once.