Auckland Airport app's new feature adds live timing data of traffic, security and customs

Traffic Jam
The app provides live traffic and security processing times. Photo credit: Getty Images/Auckland Airport

A new feature being added to Auckland International Airport's mobile app will take the guessing game out of what time you should leave home for your flight.

It'll measure traffic to tell you how long it's going to take to get from your front door to the airport, as well as live measuring of customs and security processing times.

If it works as planned, this will mean less waiting around in the terminals - and maybe save you the time and expense of missing a flight.

"It is the only app pulling together the complete journey, from home to the gate of any flight departing from Auckland Airport," says the airport's general manager technology and marketing, Jonathan Good.

"It's a real step-change in the functionality of our app, with stress-free trip planning at its heart. As Auckland Airport progresses its plans for a multi-million-dollar infrastructure build, we need to give people the tools to make their journey as easy as possible."

The app was first launched in 2013, but has mainly just consisted of flight information and parking information.

Auckland Airport says it has spent months talking directly to passengers passing through the airport, asking them what they wanted from an airport app - with nothing off limits.

"After every iteration of the design we went back to our customers to check if what we'd developed hit the mark. It really has been designed by customers for customers," Good said.

The airport is part-way through a multi-billion dollar development programme which includes new terminals, a new runway and new infrastructure in the areas surrounding it.