Auckland Council dumps Lime e-scooters in favour of new provider

Auckland Council has dumped Lime e-scooters in favour of new providers Jump, Neuron, Beam and existing operator Flamingo.

Director of regulatory services Craig Hobbs said on Friday the other providers were stronger than Lime in terms of safety.

He added there would now be more e-scooters available for people to rent, particularly between home and public transport hubs or in outer suburbs.

"Overall, up to 3200 rideshare e-scooters can be available for use in Auckland, however, these are spread across three tiers - inner city, outer city and the remainder of the region," Hobbs said.

The new licences start from December 3.

California-based Lime has come under heavy criticism for safety issues since it was granted a licence to operate in November last year.

Earlier this year Auckland Councillor Christine Fletcher called for their removal after being nearly bowled over by one.

Lime responded to the news in a statement.

"Lime is incredibly disappointed to hear we will not be able to support the thousands of riders who use our scooters every day in Auckland," said Public Affairs Manager for Lime NZ, Lauren Mentjox.

"Safety is and has always been at the forefront of our mission. Our scooters are the most technologically advanced and safest e-scooter available."

Along with Lime, Wave has also been unsuccessful in gaining a new licence. 

Council-owned news site Our Auckland reported Lime and Wave will be required to deactivate their e-scooters by midnight on Monday, December 2, 2019 and have all devices off the streets by Friday.

Who are the providers? 


Flamingo is an electric scooter-share company based in Wellington. The scooter is pink and black, like the bird. The company, founded in June 2018, was granted a licence for 525 e-scooters. 


Neuron Mobility is Southeast Asia's leading shared electric scooter service. The scooter is bright orange. 


Beam is a Singapore-based company that currently operates in Christchurch. The e-scooters are bright blue and were first introduced earlier this year. 


Jump began as a bike-sharing app, but now provides red and black e-scooters. The company is owned by Uber and currently offers e-scooters in Wellington.