Austrian Airlines launches 3D seat map on its Boeing 777s

Austrian Airlines launches 3D seat map on its Boeing 777s.
Austrian Airlines' 3D seat map service. Photo credit: Austrian Airlines

A new way to choose your plane seat and see exactly what it looks like is here and it could greatly help you plan your flights.

Austrian Airlines has launched a 3D seat map service for long-haul flights on its Boeing 777s that allows users to virtually browse through the interior of the aircraft and choose their seat.

The airline says the "innovative" new service will be expanded on at a later date.

Fellow Star Alliance airline United is also rolling the technology out across its fleet.

Air New Zealand is also a Star Alliance member and it's likely only a matter of time until other premium airlines adopt the 3D seat map service.

"Passengers already get an insight into the experience on board during the booking process - in all travel classes: Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class," says Austrian Airlines in a statement.

The 3D seat map, combined with other technology like airline apps that let you add movies and TV shows to your queue before you get on the plane, mean planning your flights will soon be easier than ever before.


United Airlines 3D seatmap will make choosing your seat much better.
United Airlines' version of the 3D seat map. Photo credit: United Airlines