Boeing 777 engine catches on fire after takeoff in LA

A Philippine Airlines flight bound for Manila has suffered an apparent engine failure shortly after takeoff from Los Angeles and made an emergency landing.

All 347 passengers and 18 crew aboard Flight 113, a Boeing Co 777 widebody, are safe, the airline says.

Pilots of flight 113 declared an emergency and reported a possible engine failure, Los Angeles International Airport says.

A witness on the ground described "bursts of flames" coming out of an engine.

The US Federal Aviation Administration said the plane returned and landed safely.

Television station ABC-7 in Los Angeles aired video of the aircraft after take-off that showed flames and smoke coming out of the right engine.

The plane landed about noon on Thursday and was met by firefighters.

Although the cause of the apparent engine failure was not immediately clear, it comes as Boeing faces intense scrutiny over twin deadly crashes involving its 737 MAX single-aisle jetliner.

The 737 MAX has been grounded worldwide since March.

GE Aviation, a subsidiary of General Electric, which makes the GE90 engine for the 777 twin-aisle jetliner, said it was aware of the incident and was "working with the airline to determine the cause of the event and to promptly return the aircraft to service".

Boeing said it was aware of an incident regarding Philippine Airlines and was closely monitoring the situation.



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