Haggis, sheep and the moon - Travelodge's weirdest hotel requests ever

Romance was a common reason for the special requests.
Romance was a common reason for the special requests. Photo credit: Getty Images

The most bizarre hotel guest requests Travelodge has ever received have been revealed by the international accommodation brand.

There's never any harm in requesting certain things when you book a hotel - perhaps extra pillows, a particular view or a room that's not near the elevator.

But some of the requests below are five-star strange.

One customer emailed the hotel and asked for a spare bed so they could sleep next to their Vespa scooter, while another asked if staff could babysit her baby chickens.

"Can you teach me how to play golf in 30 minutes?" one Travelodge guest asked earlier this year, apparently not as a joke.

One business guest asked if it would be possible for a water taxi to take his boss from the UK's Dover to Paris.

Travelodge spokesperson Shakila Ahmed said while the company does its best to accommodate customer requests, some are physically impossible.

"Some requests are beyond our control, such as stopping traffic on the M5, getting the Northern Lights to make an appearance, and getting a herd of sheep as a sleep aid," he said.

Strangest guest requests, according to Travelodge:

Asking for a unicorn-themed pedal boat to transport an engaged couple and for a rainbow to appear above the hotel

A romantic request for a path of rose petals hundreds of metres long from the hotel to a nearby beach where a picnic would take place

In order to create a moonlit vibe in their hotel room, one guest asked that a full moon appear outside their room window

A request to be woken by the sound of bagpipes

Asking for a herd of sheep outside a window to help a guest fall asleep

To fill a room with thistle flowers to create a 'romantic Scottish setting' for a marriage proposal

An enquiry as to where a guest could 'pick' some fresh haggis

To cook Aberdeen steak and build a luxurious bunk bed for a guest's Scottie dogs Laddie and Lassie

Where a guest should go to get a famous Edinburgh tattoo

Asking if guests needed a fringe to attend a nearby fringe festival

A request to be taught how to play golf in 30 minutes

And perhaps the most specific and impossible request of all was a guest asking the hotel to "ensure the Northern Lights pass over the hotel at night".