Hotel offers $1 room that broadcasts a webcam live 24/7 online

It's an attention seeker's dream.
It's an attention seeker's dream. Photo credit: You/TubeBusiness Ryokan Asahi Hotel

A hotel in Japan is pushing the boundaries of personal comfort by offering hotel accommodation for as low as $1, so long as you agree to being filmed and streamed online 24 hours a day.

The Business Ryokan Asahi hotel in the Japanese city of Fukuoka streams video from their hotel rooms straight on to YouTube.

There's no sound or communication with the hotel guest and nudity or sex aren't allowed, despite that, the streams are watched by hundreds.

An attention seekers dream.
An attention seekers dream. Photo credit: Business Ryokan Asahi Hotel

At the time of writing, the guest on camera is asleep, he even has a sign up telling viewers he's getting some rest.

But looking back at previous streams, guests have been seen eating and brushing their teeth.

So, how does the hotel make any money?

It turns out there's only one room available for $1 that's live streamed online. The publicity from that is enough to drum up business to fill the rest of its rooms at the full rate.

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