More eco-friendly travel amongst trend predictions for 2020

2020 written in the sand on a beach

This summer we not only begin a new year, but a new decade and experts say it'll will bring about an entirely new set of travel trends. 

Website has released research that analysed data from more than 22,000 travellers and over 180 million verified guest reviews, to find out what trends we can expect in the new year. 

The rise of the ‘second city’ traveller 

Second-city travelling is when someone opts to visit lesser known destinations in an effort to reduce the effects of tourism on more popular areas. 

Two pins in a map
Would you consider visiting a 'secondary' city? Photo credit: Getty Images

Over half of global travellers involved in the research said they want to play a part in reducing over-tourism, while 51 percent would swap their original destination for a lesser known but similar alternative if they knew it'd leave less of an impact on the environment.  

There was also a significant amount of people who said they would use a website or an app that was based on recommending more eco-friendly destinations and activities.

Tech-spect the unexpected

Technology will continue to play a massive role in the travel industry in 2020. 

Apps that can guide you, advise you and update you are believed to become more popular, with particular growth in crowdsourced travel information and feedback. 

Middle-aged couple in forest with mobile phone
More tech, more travel. Photo credit: Getty Images

Travel feedback websites are common, but more and more niche apps are emerging to cater to travellers passionate about certain things, such as history tours or conservation. 

Nearly two-thirds of the people surveyed also liked the idea of an app deciding their holiday activities for them completely at random. You just push go and all of a sudden, you're booked to go bungee-jumping.

Slo-Mo is the new fomo

Instead of suffering from FOMO and racing through every possible activity or Instagrammable moment at your holiday destination, in the 2020s you may take your foot off the pedal and slow down.

Man on unicycle
Take your time and enjoy your surroundings. Photo credit: Getty Images

Of those surveyed, 61 percent said they would prefer to take a longer route to their destination, allowing them to experience more of the journey itself.  

Different types of transportation will be used on slow-mo travel such as bikes, scooters, trams and boats. More than half liked the idea of a historic experience, such as a steam train ride, like the Flying Scotsman or the Orient Express.

All-immersive escapes

Another expected trend is time-poor travellers wanting to experience as much as possible in a short amount of time in destinations that have a variety of experiences all within a short distance of each other. 

Diggerland theme park ride
The perfect holiday attraction for fans of diggers. Photo credit: Diggerland

For example, someone who wants a taste of French culture may choose a smaller town rather than Paris, allowing them to experience the food, wine and lifestyle all within walking distance and without the long queues of tourists.

Making great memories with ‘grand’ getaways 

2020 is believed to be the year of the 'grand' as more grandparents are expected to take epic vacations with just their grandkids, leaving the middle generation behind. 

Grandfather and granddaughter driving
Grandparents feel younger after spending time with their grandchildren. Photo credit: Getty Images

The survey showed 72 percent of grandparents agree that spending time with their grandkids keeps them feeling young and 71 percent believe that parents need alone time, without their children. 

Pair that with the fact that today's older generation is generally healthier, more adventurous and more keen to stay young and active than ever before, it's likely we'll see 'grand' vacations that offer an array of active experiences for both generations to take part in becoming even more popular in the year ahead.

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