Qatar Airways releases epic 6 minute safety video starring footballers Neymar, Lewandowski and Cafu

Qatar Airways has released a new safety video that's even longer than Air New Zealand's notorious 'It's Kiwi Safety' video.

'A Safety Video Like Never Before' weighs in at an epic six minutes and 15 seconds, and is football-themed as part of Qatar's build-up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

It features Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr, FC Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski and AS Roma legend Cafu, among other footballers, who are 'comically' led through the airline's onboard rules by actors Jason Thorpe and Ross Hatt.

Just as a warning for future Qatar Airways passengers - particularly those with early morning departure times - the video contains shrill singing that may cause frustration.

'It's Kiwi Safety' was a hip-hop themed, four minute and 37 second video released by Air NZ in November 2018, but it was pulled in January after being widely derided online.

People criticised the video's length and 'lame' musical content, including a visiting international musician and a sitting member of parliament.

Following that, Air NZ not only hastily removed it from flights, but also sought to hire a new head of safety videos

On Qatar Airways' social media pages, comments appear to be overwhelmingly positive about its new video, despite its length, jokes and singing. It's not clear if any negative Facebook comments have been hidden by the company.

However viewers feel about the video, the airline itself is convinced it's a masterpiece. 

"At Qatar Airways, safety is priority one and we want to ensure everyone, including our most frequent travellers, watches our safety briefings," said the airline's Salam al-Shawa.

"The wonderfully creative [video] will capture our passengers' attention whilst providing a fun, light-hearted video to get the in-flight entertainment underway. The level of quality and attention to detail in this video is paramount and I am sure the content will both inform and amuse our global passengers of all ages."

Qatar Airways says 'A Safety Video Like Never Before' will begin playing in its flights before the end of 2019.