The ingredients for picking the best glamping spot this summer

As the weather ramps up and the days get longer, no doubt you'll be staring out the window and dreaming of getting out of the sweltering city. If you like the idea of nature and big summer skies without the hassle of peeing in the bush, may we recommend glamping? 

Its the perfect nature-based antidote to the stresses of the big city - but with all the creature comforts you want on a luxury holiday. 

You've definitely seen glampers on your Instagram feed enjoying alpine or beach views while lounging in robes and sheet masks, but when looking at the plethora of camping sites available, how do you pick the best one?

Here are my tips for picking the best glampsites: 

Go for a tent 

There are multiple glamping options including converted caravans and wooden huts, but I think the best of all is a big, beautiful bell tent. We were recently lucky enough to be hosted by Tracey and Graeme in this beautiful bell tent outside of Tauranga, and there's nothing cosier than being tucked up in bed under the softly rustling canvas fabric in the wind. A bell tent is particularly aesthetically pleasing for that social media shot as well. If you're worried about the impact of weather (always an issue), you'll be glad to see that on this glampsite a wooden rooftop structure was constructed over the top.

Bathe in outdoor hot water 

As part of your enforced glamping relaxation, it's important to have some sort of hot water to soak in while you take in your surroundings. This can be (but is not limited to) an outdoor bath, or hot tub. It means you are forced to sit and read or sip wine and smile romantically at your partner, and the privacy of the glamping location usually means you can be nude outside, which always feels like a bit of a treat. At Graeme and Tracey's bell tent an outdoor bath provided a spot to soak and take in the sunset.

The bath ready for soaking with a glass of red.
The bath ready for soaking with a glass of red. Photo credit: Newshub.

Other locations have fabulous hot tubs that have the benefit of spa jets, or even double baths so you don't have to squeeze your bulk in with your partner.

Animals are important

A key part of the glamping experience is interaction with animals. On our trip we really lucked out, with some friendly goats (although one of them set off the sensor light in the dark and scared the living daylights out of me) and even better, a dog called Girl who pottered up for a nosey every now and then.

Girl the Dog, protecting the glampsite.
Girl the Dog, protecting the glampsite. Photo credit: Newshub.

If you're not lucky enough to have a friendly dog visit, it's key to have some sort of farm animal nearby for petting. Obviously, horses are best, but cows will do at a strech. 

Food is a key player

You're on holiday, which means square meals are not necessary, especially if you're only glamping for the night. On our recent glamping adventure, we took advantage of the small kitchenette to make a big pot of pasta… and most of it ended up in the bin as we were too full from nibbles to eat it. That's not an ideal way to go about it - but hopefully the goats had a gourmet Italian feed. 

Instead, dine on a well-stocked platter (some good cheese, hearty crackers, crudites and dips), some marshmallows on the fire, and of course, some good quality wine. 

If you're in desperate need of something a little more filling, check out the local options. A glamping trip earlier this resulted in us discovering Auntie's Fish and Chips in Matata, and I've never eaten better. We had them two days, and would have gone a third if we didn't have to head home. 

And there you have it! All the ingredients you need to make your next glamping adventure amazing. Get out into nature, and take advantage of these sunny summer days. 

Sarah stayed at the Glamping Rental with Bell Tent courtesy of Glamping Hub.