Video: Duchess of York rides motorised suitcase through Beijing Airport

We're used to seeing royalty being transported in carriages and cars, but in what's almost certainly a first for the Royal Family, the Duchess of York has been caught on camera using a motorised scooter for transportation.

The royal rule-bender, Sarah Ferguson, posted the joyride video on Twitter while visiting Beijing.

"When in Beijing Airport...'If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you'... go and get a scooter suitcase!"

She ended the tweet with #China.

In the video, Ferguson giggles and talks to the camera about how much fun she's having while riding the suitcase, and almost crashes into what appears to be a bollard.

While some called the post "unroyal", most replies praise the Duchess for her lighthearted humour.

"Sarah your laugh is infectious. I must indulge in such a suitcase," read one of the comments.

Despite divorcing out of the Royal Family in 1996, Ferguson has maintained a close relationship with both the Queen and her ex-husband, Prince Andrew.