Video shows flames, smoke spewing from plane leaving Los Angeles airport

The plane landed safely.
The plane landed safely. Photo credit: Twitter / Tom Podolec

Seeing a plane flying across the sky is far from an uncommon sight.

Seeing a plane flying across the sky with flames and dark smoke streaming from its engines is a little more of an oddity, however.

But that's exactly what some people in Los Angeles saw this morning (NZ time) when a Philippines Airlines flight encountered engine problems just after taking off from Los Angeles International Airport.

Tom Podolec, a journalist who specialises in aviation news, posted the footage to Twitter, writing:"Is a plane supposed to spew flames?" 

Podolec initially tagged American Airlines in the video, believing it was one of their aircraft.

However, the airline confirmed to The Mirror Online that it did not belong to their fleet.

"We spoke to our team at the airport, to confirm it was not American," the airline said.

"The airport confirmed it was Philippine Airlines 113."

They said the plane reported an engine failure directly after takeoff and requested permission to return immediately to the airport.

The Los Angeles Fire Department also confirmed to the Mirror that it was on standby.

"The aircraft landed safely, without a need for fire suppression or medical services from the fire department, and we were released."

Podolec later posted another tweet with audio of the mayday call the plane made.

In the recording, the pilot can be heard saying there was an "surge on the right engine".