Watch: Amazing timelapse of hot air balloons during Cappadocia sunset

A photographer visiting Turkey has captured a stunning timelapse video at a balloon festival in Cappadocia.

The hyper-lapse shows dozens of hot air balloons coming and going, and it all takes place in front of a beautiful mountainous backdrop lit by the setting sun.

Sasha Juliard took his drone and camera to Cappadocia last month to record the footage.

"I was in utter awe, mixed with excitement. I was there with some other photographer friends and we were geeking out running around, trying to capture as much as possible and it was incredible," Juliard said.

"Seeing the hot air balloons take off and rise as the sky is changing colour and the sun starts peering over the horizon is absolutely beautiful."

Juliard estimates there were up to 300 balloons in the sky.