Airports tackle busiest day of the year


Airports are at full capacity as they tackle the busiest day of the year for travellers heading off on their Christmas Holidays. 

Air New Zealand is expecting more than 60,000 people to be in the air across its network alone.

People need to plan ahead of travelling, said Irene King, an Aviation Commentator. 

King advises people to check-in online and do as much as they can before getting to the terminal to avoid the queues.

"Friday is always busy, so there will be normal travel, plus somewhere between an extra 20 to 25,000 passengers and that in New Zealand is a massive, massive day." 

The busiest route is between Christchurch and Auckland. 

Chief Aeronautical & Commercial Officer at Christchurch, Justin Watson expects to see over 23,000 people come through on Friday. 

"That's just the passengers, for every one of them there's another meeter and greeter usually picking them."

He said it's a very, very busy time here at the airport.

Air New Zealand has also issued a warning to travellers this holiday season.

They won't tolerate any inappropriate behaviour.

Already this year they've given out a record number of warnings, even banning some people from travelling on the airline.