Internet disgusted by plane passenger scratching skin off dirty feet

The passenger has left the internet disgusted.
The passenger has left the internet disgusted. Photo credit: Passenger Shaming\Instagram

A plane passenger has left the internet disgusted after picking his feet on a flight.

A video, shared on Passenger Shaming's Instagram account, shows the man scratching the skin off his right foot while seated in an economy flight seat. 

The video was captioned "All kinds of NOPE happening up in hurrrr," and uploaded on Friday.

Since then, the footage - which has been viewed over 300,000 times - has been met with outrage and revulsion. 

One person commented, "disgusting, more than words can express!"

Another person replied, "this makes me sick to my stomach".

American comedian Amanda Seales also commented on the video.

"Nah. This woulda been a video of me addressing this DIRECTLY."

This is not the first time someone has been caught peeling their feet mid-flight.

During late 2018 the internet was disgusted after footage emerged of a passenger on an Air Asia flight, picking and peeling the dried skin off his feet and dropping it on the floor.