Most popular destinations being booked for travel in 2020

Invercargill has become more popular following the introduction of direct jet flights to the city.
Invercargill has become more popular following the introduction of direct jet flights to the city. Photo credit: Getty Images

Kiwis love to travel, and as a new year approaches, so does the opportunity to plan for another adventure in 2020. And, thousands have already booked and paid for their first destination of the new decade.

Booking website Webjet has compared the number of bookings to destinations around the world with bookings made in 2018.

Despite travel between New Zealand and Australia remaining at a usually steady level, there's been a massive increase in the number of people who have already booked to travel to Brisbane next year, up more than 60 percent, and Adelaide is already up 55 percent on the number of bookings two years ago.

Already bookings over Easter weekend are looking tight, as families look to book early for the popular public holiday.

School holidays also put the squeeze on airlines, and as a result, prices tend to go up.

Webjet's research shows the first Saturday of a school holiday period is the one to avoid if you don't want to pay a fortune.

Brisbane's popularity has gone up 66.2 percent.
Brisbane's popularity has gone up 66.2 percent. Photo credit: Unsplash/Brisbane Local Marketing

For solo travellers, it appears they've cottoned onto the cheapest time to travel, booking in off-peak seasons. The most popular travelling day for solo's in 2019 was October 24.

Solo wanderers appear to be in the know when it comes to how to holiday by skipping the crowds and bypassing peak travel times; the most popular departure date for single voyagers taking to the skies in 2019 was Thursday 24 October. 

Another factor to take into consideration when deciding on a holiday destination is accessibility.  The ability of modern aircraft to fly massive distances non-stop, you can get to almost anywhere in the world with just one stop, and on a lot of occasions, no stops at all.

It's this streamlined experience that has led to destinations such as Rome experiencing massive growth in popularity.

The art deco of Napier
The art deco of Napier Photo credit: Getty Images

Top trending destinations for 2020:

  • Brisbane (+66.2 percent)
  • Melbourne (+16.2 percent)
  • Sydney (+28.9 percent)
  • Gold Coast (+48.8 percent)
  • Denpasar (+6.8 percent)
  • Rarotonga (+54.9 percent)
  • Napier-Hastings (+31.5 percent)
  • Adelaide (+55.3 percent)
  • Perth (+3.7 percent)
  • Tokyo (+81 percent)
  • Singapore (+56.5 percent)
  • Invercargill (+23.8 percent)
  • Apia (+44.4 percent)
  • Tauranga (+111.1 percent)
  • Rome (+70 percent)

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