New edible Air New Zealand coffee cup put to the test

Earlier this week, Air New Zealand began a trial of new edible coffee cups in an effort to reduce waste.

The airline currently serves more than eight million cups of coffee each year.

The edible cup announcement was one that had me checking my calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1.

I was determined to find out just how these cups would handle holding hot coffee for more than an hour. Anyone who loves to dunk a biscuit knows they are a good match for the taste buds,  but not when it comes to the strength of the biscuit.

So, we put the cup to the test.  How long could it last before the coffee made the cup so moist it fell apart?

And, almost more importantly, what do they taste like?

Watch the video to find out how long the cup lasted, and what some of our Newshub reporters thought of the taste.