Australian influencer Jamie Zhu fakes broken ankle to get free upgrade to business class

Social media star Jamie Zhu has caused controversy online by pretending to have a broken ankle to get upgraded to business class on a Cathay Pacific flight.

The Australian documented what he called a 'prank' via platforms including Instagram, on which he has over a million followers.

In his video, Zhu wears a moon boot he says he purchased from an airport store after checking in with his economy class ticket at Sydney Airport.

He then limps to the gate and boards his flight before complaining to cabin crew onboard about the limited legroom.

"The boot doesn't fit in here. Can I get another seat or something? I can't fit here at all because of the boot. I've got a broken ankle," Zhu says in his footage.

Staff on the Cathay Pacific flight appeared to then request permission to upgrade the passenger, which was granted - and Zhu was moved to a business class seat.

As he settles into his new seat, Zhu proudly reflects on his achievement, while removing his boot and putting his feet up.

"Oh my God, guys, it actually worked!" he says in his video.

Zhu shared video from the end of the flight, too, in which he walks off the aircraft normally, without the moon boot.

"I hope your ankle gets better," a cabin crew member says to him.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that," Zhu replies.

Responses to the video have been varied - some commenters claim the entire video is fake, while others praise Zhu for fooling the airline. But the majority of feedback has been critical of Zhu, with many people calling the stunt 'insensitive'.

"It's KIDS like him that's wrong with our society and social platforms that lets these KIDS get attention. He either paid and is only doing this for attention (don't most do it nowadays) OR he committed fraud and soon to (hopefully) get sued by the airline for the cost and damages. People should unfollow these idiots," one comment said.

"The title should be 'how to scam people in order to get more attention on social media". Loser'," said another

Zhu's other video titles include 'How to annoy your dad' and 'The world's worst son'.