Flights to New Zealand cancelled as Cyclone Tino hits the Pacific

Flights to Auckland from across the Pacific have been rescheduled, delayed and cancelled as Cyclone Tino hits.

Tropical Cyclone Tino has ripped across several Fijian islands and now is heading southeast, with central parts of Tonga in its sights.

As a result, several flights out of the Pacific have been put on hold.

"Air New Zealand inbound flight NZ784 and outbound NZ785 is cancelled due to Tropical Cyclone Tino. #SafetyisParamount," one person tweeted, along with an image of the airport flight arrival and departure board.

"Kia ora, we do regret this cancellation as a result of Cyclone Tino. We are currently investigating options to provide recovery service to Niue. Any updates will be available on our Travel Alerts page," said Air NZ on Twitter after one of its flights from Niue to Auckland was cancelled.

"Must be really bad for them to cancel the flight smh," one person commented after news of another flight cancellation broke.


Tonga Tourism Exchange also posted a message to social media.

"To all residents and visitors in Tonga at this time...please stay safe during the approaching cyclone. 

"Also, if you are booked on any activities or flights, these are likely impacted by the cyclone."

So far, both Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines have been forced to cancel flights.

Fiji Airways, Qantas, Turkish Airlines, Austrian, Lufthansa, Thai, American, Finnair, Emirates, Jal, British Airways and more have rescheduled their flights.