Kiwis living in Australia share the reasons why they won't return home

Many Kiwis in Australia say life is much better across the ditch.
Many Kiwis in Australia say life is much better across the ditch. Photo credit: Getty Images.

Several New Zealand expats in Australia have shared grievances about their homeland, explaining why they believe life is better across the ditch.

The main theme was cost, with people saying day-to-day expenses such as food, petrol, and rent are cheaper in Australia. 

A Facebook user in the group 'New Zealanders living in Australia' started the discussion last week. She said she was thinking about returning home after a decade in Melbourne.

"Has anyone else recently moved home? And if yes, how are you finding it compared to Oz?" she asked.

It didn't take long for fellow Kiwis to hop on the bandwagon warning her against returning home.

"Honestly, I'd say don't. It's so expensive to buy rent, prices are crazy. Standard wages are horrible," one commenter said.

"I would not go," another wrote. "For me, Australia is way better. A much better way of life."

Others agreed they would "never move back".

"Unless you have a lot of money, stay put," another person wrote, while others added it was "definitely not worth" moving back to NZ.

Others expressed different opinions, with some saying "home is where the heart is".

"After being in Aus, we moved back two years ago and no regrets," another person said.

"The kids love it back home and never want to go back to Aus."