Video: NZ Defence Force plane stuns locals as it skims houses in Northland

Video has emerged of a New Zealand Defence Force Boeing 757 flying as low as 90 metres above Kerikeri in Northland, before climbing to a higher altitude and leaving the area.

The incident happened just after 2pm on Wednesday and quickly became a topic of conversation on social media.

"Seen it as I was driving on Old Bay Road. Was real low then flew off into the distance. Thought I was seeing things for a bit there," one local resident said on Facebook.

"I was near the airport and saw it coming in. It sounded like it landed. Haven't heard it take off again unless it didn't stop and took off straight away again"

"Circled and looked like it was going to the airport and then headed out to the sea," another person commented.

The New Zealand Defence Force confirmed to Newshub the crew onboard the Boeing 757 were undertaking pilot flying training.

"The training included some low-level flying. While members of the public would not normally see an aircraft fly at such levels, the aircraft did not fly below minimum regulation heights at any time. Similar training will be taking place today in the same areas," a spokesperson said.