Video: Passenger panics after blocking plane toilet with toilet roll

Not satisfied with the options of thousands of television shows and movies available at his seat, an aircraft passenger in California turned to toilet humour to keep himself entertained.

Sean Bolis, who despite this evidence suggesting otherwise, is actually in his mid-thirties, decided to try and flush an entire toilet roll down the toilet of an aircraft while on a flight home to Montecito.

Bolis said he had seen someone else 'achieve' the act in a video, so decided to attempt it himself.

He was disappointed when his plan, and the toilet roll holder itself, fell apart.

The misbehaving passenger says he was worried he was going to set off an alarm when the holder broke apart.

"When it started, I was freaking out about how much paper was getting sucked into the toilet so fast but was stoked at the same time because it was hilarious." 

"My plan was to karate chop the paper mid-flush, but before I knew it the casing [toilet roll holder] came tumbling off, which really freaked me out," said the wannabe Mr Miyagi.

"It actually popped right back into place with a few wiggles and a little force," he said. 

The as yet unnamed airline hasn't commented.