Wrestler Eva Marie says Qantas prefers 'women to wear dresses' after being denied lounge access

Was it a gender issue or an influencer with an agenda?
Was it a gender issue or an influencer with an agenda? Photo credit: Twitter.com/NatalieEvaMarie

A world wrestling star has labelled Qantas sexist after she was refused entry to the airline's Melbourne lounge.

Eva Marie claimed on Twitter that she was told she couldn't enter the lounge due to her choice of clothing - activewear. However she says her husband, who was also dressed casually, was allowed to enter the exclusive lounge.

The former professional wrestler for WWE posted a picture of her outfit on Twitter claiming Qantas would prefer women to wear dresses.

"In 2020 Qantas Airlines Melbourne won't allow a woman holding a business class ticket to enter their business class lounge in active wear. My business IS fitness and an active lifestyle. Qantas prefers their women in a dress. #genderdiscrimination #qantas," her tweet said.

In a second tweet, Marie posted a photo of her husband's outfit while pointing out that he was allowed into the lounge.

"Clarification: This is NOT a dress code issue, I support a businesses right to enforce equitable dress code standards. However, my husband was allowed in no problem wearing this. While I was kicked out wearing this. My issue is that standards should be equitably enforced @Qantas."

Response to the tweet has been divided with some supporting the athlete's claims of gender discrimination, while others have praised the airline for enforcing its dress code policy.

Australian journalist Melissa Hoyer penned an opinion piece about the incident saying she was "sick to death of seeing people jumping onto a plane looking like they are heading to pick up a few on-sale hotpots at the shop".

"Head-to-toe gym wear" is specifically listed as unacceptable when visiting a Qantas business class lounge, according to the airlines' website.

It also lists shorts as unacceptable, however her husband appears to have been allowed in.

Qantas has been approached for comment.