How much will Air NZ's economy Skynest cost?

Air New Zealand revealed details of a new economy lie-flat seat on Wednesday - but they haven't yet confirmed the cost.

The bunk beds in the sky - known as 'Skynest' - consist of pods containing two sets of full-length single beds stacked three high, and allow passengers to stretch out while they sleep.

However some New Zealanders said whether they use them will depend on how much they cost.

"I think it's great if it's affordable," one Aucklander told Newshub.

"It all depends on the cost they're giving, it's not cheap," another said.

Air NZ general manager of customer experience Nikki Goodman says it is likely to be over $100, but the exact prices are yet to be determined.

"It'll depend on so many different factors," she says.

But she says it would make longer flights much more manageable.

"Obviously being at the corner of the earth, a challenge for us will always be a distance people have to travel".

Aviation commentator Irene King says Air NZ had to do something.

"There will be a particular group of customers who just find this so attractive," she says.

"They can get a good rest, good sleep, relax and then get off what are going to be very long flights in the future."

Air NZ says each pod will include a full-size pillow, sheets and blanket. They will also contain privacy curtains and lighting designed for sleep.

Costs, logistics and whether the Skynest will even go ahead will be confirmed by next year.