Passenger repeatedly punches woman's airplane seat after she reclines

An American woman has posted footage from her American Airlines flight showing a passenger repeatedly punching her airplane seat after she reclined.

Twitter user Wendi posted a video showing a man behind her pummeling her headrest for 45 seconds straight.

She posted: "He was angry that I reclined my seat and punched it about 9 times - HARD, at which point I began videoing him, and he resigned to this behaviour."

When Wendi complained to an air hostess, she was reportedly "reprimanded" while her offender was offered a drink of rum.

The Virginia woman said she suffers from a medical condition and the man's punching made her flight more uncomfortable than it needed to be.

"I'm in pain," she tweeted. "I am grateful for the limited movement I still have and shouldn't have had to endure repeated blows".

Wendi was surprised to find the majority of Twitter users sided with the male passenger.

One person wrote: "Reclining a seat into another person's face is just rude." 

"When you recline you're invading the space of the other passenger and ruining their experience," another user posted.

An American Airlines spokesperson said they were "aware of a customer dispute that transpired'' and were looking into the issue.

Wendi's video posted on Twitter has been viewed more than 120,000 times.