Plane passenger whose seat was repeatedly punched says she was 'scared to death' by flight attendant

  • 19/02/2020

The woman who filmed a man punching her plane seat and launched a fiery online debate about reclining has made bold new claims about the incident.

Wendi Williams gave an interview to CNN in which she says she was "scared to death" by a flight attendant after complaining about the punching man, claiming she was threatened instead of helped. 

"It was shocking... I remained completely calm, I think the more calm I remained, she got angrier and more aggravated. She said 'I'm not talking with you anymore', she's like 'I'm done with you' and then handed me this passenger disturbance notice," Williams told the news outlet.

"She followed that up with 'And I will have you escorted off the plane if you say anything else. Delete the video.' I mean, I was scared to death." 

In a statement to CNN, American Airlines said it was aware of the "customer dispute" that took place on American Eagle flight 4392, operated by Republic Airways, on January 31.

"Our team is looking into the issue," the airline said.

Williams previously posted a photo of the passenger disturbance notice online and has claimed the man was punching her seat much harder when she wasn't filming him.

"The video… is an irritation and ridiculous, but what he was doing before… that was assault," Williams said.

"Everybody thinks that when I say he was punching me that's what was in the video. He was punching my seat, like I was falling forward hard." 

Williams also claimed on Twitter she had suffered "horrible headaches" after the incident, had to take time off work, had undergone X-rays and visited a doctor.

She said she's currently looking into legal action over the matter but hasn't provided any details.