Storm Ciara: Dramatic plane landings caught on camera in UK

Dramatic video has been taken of dozens of aircraft struggling to land at Heathrow Airport or aborting their attempts entirely due to the fury of Storm Ciara.

"Flippin' Nora" were the only words aviation commentator and YouTuber Jerry Dyer could come up with as winds of over 100km/h caused chaos for flights landing at London's main airport.

Dyer runs Big Jet TV, a website which livestreams the action from on the runway at Europe's busiest airports and agreed to share some of his footage with Newshub.

"Wow! He's very low!" he says in a video as a British Airways Dreamliner flies directly overhead.

"Go around, go around!" Dyer yells as another aircraft aborts its attempt to land.

The video ends with an Air New Zealand flight from Auckland via Los Angeles making a comparatively smooth landing.

Big Jet TV has tens of thousands of followers online, some of whom opt to pay a subscription fee to watch live airport action.