US beer-themed Dog House Hotel offers beer everywhere, even during morning shower

A UK craft beer company has combined booze with snooze to create the ultimate brewery hotel experience. 

The crowdfunded Dog House Hotel and Brewery was started up around three years ago in Coulmbus, Ohio by BrewDog, a global craft brewery chain based in Scotland.  

The brand is focusing on "pushing the boundaries" of the craft beer world, with the hotel being the latest endeavour to infuse beer into daily life as the guest rooms are literally situated inside the brewery. 

"We wanted to really blur the lines in the guest experience and have them be fully immersed inside the brewing world - and understand what it's like to live in an environment in which beer is being brewed," Dog House general manager Jon Quick told BuckList Insider. 

A Facebook video that explores the hotel shows its rooms are decked out with a tap beer of your choice and a "shower beer" fridge. 

"So you can reach outside of your shower when you're getting ready in the morning or finishing up the end of your night," Quick said. 

"At no point in time are you less than an arm's reach away from a nice, beautiful beer."

Dog House is the only hotel attached to a brewery in the world. Its website boasts that guests will wake up to the smell of its "gently fermenting foeders" even before they've had breakfast.

"Guests are able to watch the brewers at work from rooms overlooking the state-of-the-art brewing facility," Jason Casillas, a guide at Brewdog told Prague Morning.