Video: Lightning strikes Aer Lingus flight from Birmingham to Dublin

  • 12/02/2020

Dramatic video has captured the moment an aircraft with over 150 people on board was struck by lightning after it took off from Birmingham Airport in the United Kingdom.

The aircraft, an Aer Lingus A320, was flying to Dublin when the lightning hit.

A spokesperson for the airline confirmed the incident and reassured travellers about the safety of flying airliners in stormy weather.

"The aircraft, which is designed to withstand regular weather occurrences, was not damaged and operated as normal to Dublin where it landed at 22:38."

Birmingham resident Daniel Pereira was watching television with his wife when he heard a loud bang along with a bright flash.

Daniel's wife decided to check the CCTV recording from the front of their house to see what had happened.

"We couldn't believe what it had been, we see planes going over our house all the time, never seen anything like that before," Pereira told ITV News.

The United Kingdom and parts of Europe have been hit by Storm Ciara, causing widespread flooding, and strong winds.