Coronavirus: What New Zealand's final passengers before compulsory self-isolation think

Travellers entering New Zealand before the compulsory 14-days self-isolation comes into effect have revealed their thoughts.

As of 1am Monday, anyone coming into the country will be required to go into self-isolation upon arrival.

People who go into self-isolation will be monitored by health officials, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Sunday. Those who refuse to comply may be forced to by police, she said.

Matt Rogers travelled here from Los Angeles on Sunday. He took travel lozenges, wore gloves and a mask, and wiped everything down to avoid being infected.

"It's definitely scary and scary on arrival as well," he told Newshub.

"I haven't had any symptoms so I think I'm ok but yeah, going to self-isolate. I tried to get a test but couldn't get a test… seems like there's a shortage of tests in New Zealand."

But while Rogers was concerned, another man flying from Taiwan told Newshub he was reassured by our lack of precautions.

"Before I came here I am afraid about the sick here but I see no one with a mask so I feel very safe," he said.

Despite the risk of ferrying potentially sick passengers home, taxi drivers are still on duty.

"We have no option. For us we have to come here," one told Newshub.

"We are spending all day here, like 14 hours here and it's only like two fares."

But they're watching closely for anyone with symptoms.

"If anything goes wrong or seems to be wrong we say no to them."

And while non-essential travel out of New Zealand is now discouraged, newlyweds Hunter and Alysha Scott were determined to leave for their honeymoon today.

The couple married on Saturday and are flying out to go to Bali for nine days.

"It's difficult for us, because personally it feels pretty important to us and it's something we don't want to sacrifice," Hunter told Newshub.