New product 'absorbs' farts while flying

The Carbonana is designed to capture the stink.
The Carbonana is designed to capture the stink. Photo credit: Getty Images

The lingering smell of a fellow plane passenger's fart could be a thing of the past.

Two things that can ruin your relaxation on a flight are turbulence and flatulence. While billions of dollars is spent on reducing the effects of turbulence, a new product retailing for just under $40 could bring an end to the smell of inflight flatulence.

Carbonara tackles farts.
Carbonara tackles farts. Photo credit:

The Carbonana is the latest product from Shreddies, an online company that designs 'flatulence filtering' underwear.

"Designed with air travel in mind it offers you discreet protection when you need it most," the company's website says.

New York-based gastroenterologist Dr Niket Sonpal told Vice the human body being at higher altitude can cause an increase in the need to pass wind.

"When there's less oxygen, gas expands and that includes the gas inside our body tissue," Dr Sonpal said.

"The gas in our intestines expands up to 30 percent more than usual and that air needs to go somewhere."

In 2018 a flight operated by Transavia Airlines had to make an emergency landing in Vienna after a passenger refused repeated requests from the flight crew - including the captain - to stop continuously farting.

The man was taken away by police upon arrival.

The designers of the Carbonana say the item can also be worn on busses and in cars, but is particularly handy for air travellers.

"Helping our customers avoid potential embarrassment clearing security scanners, the Carbonana can be placed in the hand luggage trays and worn once you've cleared security," the company says. 

Shreddies claims the Carbonana contains an activated carbon-back panel that absorbs all flatulence odours.

"Due to their highly porous nature, the odours become trapped and neutralised by the cloth, which is then reactivated by simply washing the garment," the company says.

"The banana shape of the product is designed to sit between the buttocks and absorb gasses before they escape your underwear."

The item is available to Kiwis through the UK-based manufacturer's website.