Shocking video shows Brussels Airlines flight attendant and passenger hitting each other

  • 19/03/2020

Disturbing footage is circulating online showing a fight between a male passenger and a female cabin crew member on a Brussels Airlines flight.

The physical altercation reportedly happened after a disagreement between passengers over elbow room and ended in violence.

The video shows the man yelling and seemingly spitting in the face of the flight attendant, telling her to "shut the f**k up" and threatening to "beat the shit out of" another cabin crew member.

After appearing to wipe his saliva off her face, the woman slaps the man and he strikes her back, before other passengers jump in to restrain him. 

The video was posted March 14 on Facebook by a woman named Carmen Moore and has 174,000 views at the time of publishing.

In her post, she claims the male passenger's ribs were broken when the other passengers subdued him in the moments following the video.

A report by Atlanta Black Star includes a statement said to be from the airline about the incident.

"We can confirm that on Brussels Airlines flight SN290 of March 11 from Accra (Ghana) to Brussels, a dispute took place between two passengers," the Brussels Airlines spokesperson reportedly said.

"Our cabin crew intervened to calm down the situation. After the unfortunate dispute involving several passengers, the passenger calmed down and apologised for his behaviour. We have spoken to the cabin crew as to see how we can prevent situations like these to escalate in the future."

Brussels Airlines has been struggling to cope with the impacts of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, as has the whole aviation industry. The Belgian airline this week announced it was suspending all flights from March 21 through to April 19.