Air NZ at 80: Which is the best Air New Zealand safety video ever?

The videos have become a key part of the airline's marketing strategy.
The videos have become a key part of the airline's marketing strategy. Photo credit: Newshub.

Despite the tough times our travel and tourism industry is currently facing, it's important to mark the 80th birthday of our national airline, Air New Zealand.

A key part of its branding success has been its quirky onboard safety videos.

From nakedness and the All Blacks to Betty White, Air NZ has covered a lot of ground with its theme safety videos since the first was launched in 2009.

The Bare Essentials of Safety made headlines around the world and many of the airline's safety videos have managed to do the same since.

Below are all of Air NZ's themed safety videos. You can vote for your favourite in the poll and share your thoughts on our Newshub Travel Facebook group.



Bare Essentials of Safety from Air New Zealand

It was the first of Air NZ's new creative safety videos and featured staff naked covered in body paint.

Ed and Melanie's Safety Sketch Video

Modern Family's Ed O'Neill and Heavenly Creatures star Melanie Lynskey lead a team of celebrities sketching out what's safe and what isn't on an Air NZ flight.

The Bear Essentials of Safety

From the bare essentials to the Bear essentials with Bear Grylls.

An Unexpected Briefing

One of a handful of rather long Hobbit-inspired safety videos made in association with WETA Workshop, this one features Sir Peter Jackson.

Mile-high madness with Richard Simmons!

This is as camp as it got for Air NZ and is probably as camp as it could have got for anyone. The lycra, the dancing and the weirdly fitting combination of Richard Simmons and Paul Henry.

The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made

By the time this video came out, we were onto the third Hobbit film, so its impact with travellers might not have been as strong. It did star Elijah Wood though.

Safety in Paradise

Although this video features the smooth sands of the Pacific Islands, it was the involvement of Sports Illustrated models that got people talking about this video.

"Celebrate 50 knockout years with their latest in-flight safety video," Air NZ said.

Safety Old School Style

There's one major reason this safety video could be the best one ever: Betty White. 

Safety in Hollywood

Flight of the Conchords star Rhys Darby and The House Bunny's Anna Faris star in a blockbuster production filmed at Warner Bros studio in Los Angeles. 

Summer of Safety

This video spent more time on screens than expected when it replaced 'It's Kiwi Safety' due to a fierce backlash. Starring Rachel Hunter and Jayden Daniels, it's a feel-good summer themed video.

2011 All Blacks

Set to the Kiwi classic 'Why Does Love do this to Me', this video was one of the most popular online for Air NZ. Who doesn't love seeing the elderly lady putting her rather precious carry-on luggage in the cargo hold?

It's Kiwi Safety

Well, where to start. Often it's assumed that if you throw popular celebrities into a project, it will do well. Just look at what happened to the movie Cats.

It's Kiwi Safety was the largest scale safety video Air NZ ever produced and starred Julian Dennison, Kings, Theia and Randa. It's duration is so long there is actually an entire flight in Europe that was shorter in duration.

It wasn't long before Air NZ accepted defeat and pulled the video, marking the move by posting a mocked up job vacancy for a safety video producer on Facebook.

Fantastical Journey

It was described as an "Alice in Wonderland inspired adventure" starring Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding Jr and it definitely has that vibe.

Men In Black Safety Defenders

Probably the one that had more people singing along onboard than any other, this one is a bit like a Hallensteins commercial. 

Janey's adventure

This video features Janey, who makes a new friend who joins her on a 'Journey to Safety'. It's a cute, family-friendly video.

Air All Blacks

In the build-up to a Rugby World Cup, there was only one direction Air NZ would go with their safety video: All Blacks.

'Air All Blacks' featured former rugby stars including Sir Michael Jones and Sir John Kirwin, right through to members of the 2019 RWC team.