Airport codes for places around the house during isolation go viral

Suggestions include NFX and CHL.
Suggestions include NFX and CHL. Photo credit: Getty Images/Newshub.

While we are all in lockdown, travel is limited to the closest of destinations - those inside our houses.

In an effort to make trips from the kitchen to the lounge more exciting, a meme popped up on the internet last night giving airport codes to popular destinations within the household.

Airports around the world all have individual three-letter codes - Auckland's is AKL, Rotorua is ROT, Queenstown has ZQN, and so on.

Here are the best fake airport codes for lockdown locations shared on the Newshub Travel Facebook group last night:

  • BDR - Bedroom
  • WPK - Wharepaku
  • NFX - Netflix
  • DWY - Driveway
  • GRG - Garage
  • DGK - Dog kennel
  • CTD - Countdown
  • NCR- Naughty corner
  • FGE - Fridge
  • UTB - YouTube
  • BED - No explanation needed
  • SEX - Again, no explanation needed

What fake airport codes are you using? Share them on our Newshub Travel Facebook group.