Coronavirus: Qantas baggage handlers at Adelaide Airport test positive for COVID-19

The discovery caused delays for seven Qantas flights.
The discovery caused delays for seven Qantas flights. Photo credit: Getty Images

Health authorities in South Australia have confirmed six cases of COVID-19 among Qantas baggage handlers at Adelaide Airport.

The discovery forced a flight from Sydney to Adelaide to turn around and return to its origin as there would be no staff to service it when it arrived, due to the coronavirus discovery.

"Seven flights to and from Adelaide are affected," Qantas said.

"This includes one Sydney flight that was on its way to Adelaide, which will return to Sydney and passengers will be provided with accommodation and put on alternative services tomorrow."

Qantas said passenger numbers were low due to travel restrictions and those onboard were accommodated and taken to their destination later that afternoon.

"In addition to enhanced cleaning measures introduced since the coronavirus outbreak at airports and on aircraft, we are conducting extensive cleaning of common areas used by these employees in Adelaide," the airline said in a statement.

The six Qantas cases were among 32 new cases in South Australia on Monday, bringing the state's total to 337.