Watch: Jeroen Gortworst's homemade Sint Maarten airport landing video becomes an internet hit

A video showing the extreme lengths a stuck-at-home traveller has gone to to recreate the experience of luxury air travel has become an internet hit.

Without spoiling how the video unfolds, it begins with its creator Jeroen Gortworst enjoying a glass of wine in what appears to be business class on a flight about to land at the world famous Princess Juliana International Airport in Sint Maarten.

The video has been liked on his TikTok account as well as Sint Maarten's Facebook page OnlyOnSXM tens of thousands of times.

Gortworst couldn't travel to the island due to current coronavirus flight restrictions, so came up with a way to experience the landing as best he could, and it's a pretty good effort too.

Sint Maarten, located in the Caribbean, is known for its airport. More specifically, the beach that runs along the end of the airport.

It's here that hundreds of thousands of social media photos and videos have been taken as aircraft fly just metres above people's fingertips as they come in to land.

The video's creator is a reporter for the Dutch company NOS Stories. He produces news content primarily aimed at teenagers.

The organisation has a weekly reach of 16 million people.