Watch: Wildest ever airport landings caught on camera

One viewer described the plane as being 'under the influence'.
One viewer described the plane as being 'under the influence'. Photo credit: YouTube/Newshub.

While those who love to travel will be eagerly awaiting their freedom to explore again, there's one part of the adventure experience that even the most committed of travellers may not be looking forward to.


Many Kiwis are used to a rough touchdown due to the wild winds of Wellington Airport, but with the right or perhaps wrong conditions, landing at any airport around the world can become a challenge.

Thanks to the eagerness of planespotters, there are several videos online showing us the amazing work pilots do to get their aircraft on the ground not only safely, but with as little discomfort to passengers as possible.

But it's not always so easy.

Here are some of the more hair-raising moments that have been caught on camera:

Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport

Samuel Passos captured this video of a Boeing 737 in the final stages of landing.  As you'll see, the pilot gave up his first attempt and decided to try again.


Amongst this compilation filmed by Cargospotter at Düsseldorf Airport is one of the roughest rides I've seen in recent times. Look for the Dash 8 landing, which appears in the video after about 27 seconds.




Back at Madeira

This video from Passos at Madeira airport shows an Air Berlin aircraft almost touching down, but a case of the wobbles forces the pilot to try again.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Even lovers of Disneyland's Tower of Terror would struggle to cope with this landing which took place in Toronto in 2018.

"That plane seems to be under the influence," one commentator said on YouTube.

Gustaf III Airport

This airport has more names than it does metres in length - it's also known as Saint Barthélemy Airport, Rémy de Haenen Airport, as well as St Jean Airport.

It's located in Saint Barthélemy, a French territory in the eastern Caribbean.

As I said, its names are longer than its runway, as this pilot found out the hard way.

It doesn't have to be stormy to be bumpy

This video from the sun-drenched Portugese island of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean proves that sometimes turbulence can be worse when the sun is out.

Touchdown.. .oh wait, no

This video taken by Flugsnug in the United Kingdom is a rollercoaster ride in more ways than one. Just when you think the aircraft is about to finally land, it doesn't. And then again, and again... and again.

Your hands will sweat just watching it.