Person hit and killed by Southwest plane landing at Austin-Bergstrom Airport

A person has been killed in the US after being struck by the landing gear of an aircraft landing at Austin-Bergstrom Airport in Texas.

The airport confirmed an "individual that was struck and killed on runway 17R by a landing aircraft".

The aircraft involved is believed to be a Southwest Boeing 737 which had just arrived from Dallas, Texas.

A recording of the communication between the crew of the aircraft and the control tower revealed how fast the incident unfolded.

The first sign of any issue was when the pilot of Southwest 1392 was cleared to leave the runway and head to the terminal, but instead told controllers it was going to come to a stop and to "stand-by".

"Southwest 1392, we believe there might be a person on the runway," the pilot then told controllers

Another aircraft approaching the same runway was told to immediately abort their landing.

The crew of flight 1392 are then asked where they saw the person.

"Well, they are... they are behind us now," they responded.

Authorities on the ground then began a search of the runway and the body of a person was quickly located.

Austin-Travis County emergency services also confirmed the fatality.

"Medics have obtained a deceased on scene pronouncement of an adult patient," authorities tweeted.

The incident is currently under investigation.