Video: World's largest fully-electric aircraft makes first flight in Seattle

The world's largest fully-electric aircraft has made its maiden flight, taking off from Seattle,  Washington Thursday morning (local time).

The electric Cessna Caravan 208B powered by engines from magniX and aerospace firm AeroTEC, flew for around 30 minutes before landing at an airport 290km southeast of Seattle.

While the aircraft only had a capacity of nine, it still marks a major step in the advancement of electric travel, and it's the largest zero-emissions aircraft in operation.

The magniX engine can generate 750-horsepower and the engine-maker hopes to have the all-electric Cessna Caravan in commercial service in 2021.

Fully-electric engines are seen as the next major advancement for international airlines and travellers, with cheaper, lighter and pollution free engines likely to revolutionise not just the travel industry, but how we live in a global community.