Coronavirus: Mystery of who was on Auckland to Wellington repatriation flight solved

A mysterious repatriation flight that landed in Wellington from Auckland on Friday afternoon is full of passengers from Korea, the Government has revealed.

Air New Zealand flight NZ1925 landed in the capital at 2pm on Friday, but was shrouded in mystery as the Government initially wouldn't say who was on board or where they'd be quarantining.

However that mystery has now been solved, with a COVID-19 National Response spokesperson telling Newshub the domestic charter flight was the final leg of a repatriation journey from Korea.

"The domestic charter flight to Wellington has returnees who landed in New Zealand earlier this morning on a charter repatriation flight from Korea," the spokesperson told Newshub.

"The original flight landed in Auckland and following completion of health screening and immigration processing there, the passengers were subsequently transferred to a domestic charter flight to Wellington.

"Only passengers on the flight from Korea were on board the domestic charter flight."

It's believed that the passengers will be the first returnees to isolate in Wellington.

The Government hasn't said where they will stay during their 14 days of mandatory managed isolation, but Newshub understands it's the Grand Mercure Wellington, which makes it the country's newest managed isolation facility.

A COVID-19 National Response spokesperson told Newshub the returning travellers will be tested on day three and 12 of their stay, with no one released until after their 14-day stay without a negative test.

Earlier this month, the Government came under heavy criticism when two sisters - who later tested positive for coronavirus - were allowed to leave a managed isolation facility on compassionate grounds without a test.

The pair travelled to Wellington from Auckland for a funeral, stopping on the way to ask directions from friends. 

Other blunders include travellers being kept in isolation beyond 14 days due to testing delays, a large party held at a quarantine facility and a group of 10 people being allowed out early to attend a burial.