COVID-19: Screaming banned from Japanese theme parks

New rules have been introduced as parks begin to reopen
New rules have been introduced as parks begin to reopen Photo credit: Getty.

Japan's theme parks are ready to re-open, but don't get too excited - guests are not allowed to scream.

As Japan lifts its state of emergency this week, the attractions are preparing to welcome visitors who have been deprived of their rollercoaster adrenaline fix since the COVID-19 lockdown came in to force.

However, with some restrictions still in place, the parks have come up with a set of rules members of the public must follow - and one of them is a ban on screaming.

The other new rules include the standard compulsory mask wearing,  increased sanitising measures, social distancing and body temperature checks.

The parks have also warned that some staff will be unable to wear masks, such as theme park entertainers, so visitors should keep their distance.

A note to staff said they were to keep any conversations to a minimum.

"As a new style of customer service, even when you're wearing a mask, you can use a combination of smiley eyes, hand gestures, etc, to communicate with visitors," it said.

The East and West Japan Theme Park Association, which oversees more than 30 amusement parks across the country, produced the list of restrictions.

Japan's theme parks have been closed since early February to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Although most parks are reopening, Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Osaka have not announced when they plan to reopen.